Any appliance not serviced regularly could potentially produce Carbon Monoxide which is a poisonous gas. Do not put the lives of yourselves, your family or pets at riskHaving your boiler regularly checked and serviced will prevent unnecessary problems and help to avoid the cost of emergency repairs.

As with anything, to book and pay for a boiler servicing while your system appears to be working can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, an annual boiler service is the safe and cost-efficient way to run your heating system, and can have a number of helpful effects:

• Significant increase to the life of the boiler

• Improves efficiency of system

• Early diagnosis of potential problems

• Reduces energy costs

• Saves costly repairs

• Detection of fatal carbon monoxide leaks

Those who neglect to regularly maintain boiler and central heating equipment will experience reduced efficiency and increased costs.

Regular maintenance can also extend component life. Most repairs could be avoided with regular maintenance. Heating system repairs typically run into hundreds of pounds, yet many people will only consider calling an engineer when the problem has developed. An annual boiler service and check-up can mean we help you avoid an expensive repair job, as well as reducing your year-round energy costs.

If you would like to benefit from a more efficient, more economical and most importantly, a safe heating system get in touch with us today for more information.

What A Service Consists Of

• A visual check

• Boiler fired to identify any working faults

• Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark/sensor probe).

• Checks to ensure flue terminals are unobstructed and internal flue components are sealed properly

• Check that burner is combusting efficiently and properly (using a flue gas analyser).

• Inside casing surfaces cleaned

• Boiler parts cleaned if necessary

• Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no leaks

• Boiler casing put back on – check that properly sealed

• Paperwork completed and service record left